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“Where IPA systematically distinguishes the use of the symbols [æ a ɐ ɑ ɒ], APA usage typically only distinguishes front [æ] and nonfront [a]”

"Ripe, hotly passionate, but fickle"

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    To add to their discomfort, they soon heard strange noises in the depths of the forest.Um
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    "This couldn’t be more disappointing."Oh yay
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    IM SORRY JUST LOOK AT MINE"In my case, it won’t be happening anytime soon"I CANT
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    Eternal maidenhood and no men. Welp.
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    "I don’t understand." wow that’s pretty legit, i dont understand how i’m ever gonna get laid again
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    The HAMMER has been moved from your CAPTCHALOGUE DECK to your STRIFE DECK.( Homestuck: Act 1 page 35. It was the last...
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    A bit late but… "He had stripped off every shred of clothing, placed it neatly on the floor, and lain down on his back...
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    Alright, page 35 is *flip* …chapter 2 table of contents. Okay, third thing on that page would translate to "generating a...
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    Pretty much sums up my life. Also doesn’t matter it’s 2014. Is still accurate.
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    She was seriously wondering whether she could fashio a parachute out of her shirt- she was that desperate to escape……....
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    "has this happened before?"
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    "And now the minister prayed." Good god, so many implications
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    "He grunted as he took another pail from the shabby old former sea wolf and lifted it above his shoulder height." I...
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    "you really are my favorite cousin" oh joy.. incest
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    "In those days, I relished the taste of scandal." Oh…
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    THE NEAREST BOOK IS MY CALC TEXTBOOK SO I WASN’T EXPECTING ANYTHING BUT "A linear regression model for undergraduate...
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    The earliest he could start is May.